Zen Bodywork

A place of healing for your physical and emotional body, for mind, heart & spirit

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holistic massage

Health, relaxation and freedom of movement for stressed or painful bodies


This blissful flowing massage is an ancient healing tradition from Hawaii

hot stone fusion

A nurturing and soothing massage using hot stones to create deep relaxation


A rhythmic, rocking treatment that energises & relaxes and makes you feel more alive

natural facelift

Reduce the signs of ageing, and restore the natural glow and vitality of your face

medical issues

Musculoskeletal problems and physical pain or persistent poor health, and for those dealing with medical issues, including cancer.

well woman

Understand, heal and reclaim your body. Physical & emotional health at any time, and wellbeing during pregnancy and menopause.

zentangle ®

A simple mindfulness-based creative practice that is fun, easy to learn, life-enhancing and often life-changing.

What people say...

"I've never experienced such a professional and life-giving massage."

"You are truly a medicine woman - one with a deep gift of healing"

"You uplift everyone around you and I am so grateful that you have come into our lives"