well-being massage

Holistic, Deep Tissue & Advanced Massage for relaxation, relief of stress & tension and optimum health and well-being

remedial & medical

Remedial & Medical massage, myofascial release and medical acupuncture for injuries, scar tissue and chronic conditions

advanced clinical

Advanced clinical massage, such as working with the spine, and visceral manipulation (working with the internal organs) for problems needing deeper and more delicate work

well woman

Pregnancy massage and help for physical & emotional well-being and female health issues at all stages of life


Specialist massage and palliative care for those suffering from cancer or other serious conditions

joy & transformation

Transformative Bodywork & Deep Bodywork to remove the blocks that hold you back in your life

What people say...

"I've never experienced such a professional and life-giving massage."

"You are truly a medicine woman - one with a deep gift of healing"

"You uplift everyone around you and I am so grateful that you have come into our lives"