About Jennifer Firkins

I grew up in California, surrounded by nature. I always felt most at home, at peace, when amongst the trees and mountains, and I enjoyed many summers hiking, camping and soaking up the beauty of the landscape and the sky. I feel spirituality in nature - with nature. This was true back in my childhood, and remains true today.

We never know where the path of Life will take us. In 1990 mine took me away from the USA to England. I miss the mountains, the redwoods and pines, the icy mountain streams and the night sky full of brilliant stars. You don't get those in London - nor, thankfully, the mountain lions and rattlesnakes! But England is now my adopted home.

This hasn't been the only change in my path. Some 15 years ago I was a teacher in a local college, and was finding the stresses of the job were not only causing all kinds of physical aches and pains, but also making me lose touch with myself. Thinking massage would help, I found a massage therapist to treat me. It worked - and how!

Over time my appreciation grew for my therapist's skills. Her magic hands gave me a great deal of pain relief. They also always brought me back to myself in a profound way I'd not experienced before, reconnecting me to emotions and feelings I had disconnected from. She helped bring me back into my body and into connection with myself, which was a profoundly transformative experience for me. Her hands felt like the hands of Mother Earth holding me - like love itself! I grew more curious about bodywork, and wanted to give to others that same chance to experience loving, tender hands and to feel whole again.

So it was that I began training in massage and bodywork. After my initial qualification I began part-time in my new career, in between teaching. As I worked I began listening to my hands and heart, and let them guide me. I fell in love with the whole process, and my clients loved it too, experiencing new levels of relaxation, healing and renewal. I was amazed by the healing power of touch!

Feeling drawn to respond to clients' needs, I threw myself into learning how to get people out of pain. I studied remedial massage (and much more) at the JING Institute, and have been following my curiosity to both experience and learn more about the link between our bodies and minds ever since.

I simultaneously underwent a series of Postural Integration sessions. I had never experienced anything as powerfully shifting and transformative to my bodymind as this had been. So, I began studying Postural Integration to become a practitioner, to help others as I had been helped. I also wanted to better understand and respond to the nonverbal language my clients' bodies were communicating with me.

My passion is to help others to find greater aliveness in themselves and with life; to help them return to themselves, feeling whole again. I perhaps bring to their bodies and souls some of the Spirit of Nature from my homeland: the spaciousness and fresh air of the mountains, the comforting earthiness of the woods, the flow of the rivers and the warmth of the California sun. This is me - offering you the healing power of touch and nature.

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