Lomilomi Massage

Good for: Uplifting heart and mind, deep relaxation and nurture, reconnecting with your whole being

Women only

Cost: 90 minute session: £75

Lomilomi is one of the most profound forms of healing massage. It comes from the master healers of Hawaii. Its grace and flowing strokes combined with the intent of the practitioner allows for deep surrender, balance, healing and transformation to take place.

Lomilomi massage is rooted in the traditional Hawaiian philosophies of aloha (unconditional love), mana (life force energy, such as chi or prana) and pono (harmony, balance), and the belief that everything seeks harmony and everything seeks love. So, lomilomi works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes to nurture the body and enable the recipient to relax. The practitioner maintains deep and complete focus on the client, using a caring heart and caring hands - and healing energy flows.

Most people find it a blissful experience: healing, nurturing, relaxing. They find it benefits their physical and emotional body, and thier mental and heart space. A common experience is to find that the heart surrenders and opens up, creating a feeling of connection to everyone and everything.

  • A luxurious experience of feeling nurtured
  • Harmonises body, mind and spirit
  • Creates a sense of wholeness
  • Promotes natural balance and health
  • Releases the joy of being alive

Lomilomi massage is a holistic, full-body massage. During a session, most of the client's body is exposed, and a sarong used to maintain modesty. This allows for uninterrupted, long and flowing strokes in a continuous dance-like motion over the entire body.

I offer lomilomi massage to female clients only.

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