Oncology Massage & Palliative Relief

Good for: Relief of stress and tension, relaxation, improving general well-being, lifting your spirits for those suffering from cancer

Cost: 60 minute session: £50 (longer sessions available)

Going through the experience of having cancer can be a profoundly difficult time in many ways. There may be pain from the cancer itself, from the side-effects of the treatment as well as distress and anxiety surrounding a diagnosis. Hospital care can feel cold, clinical and devoid of a warm and caring human touch, adding to the difficulty of being with a cancer diagnosis.

How can massage help? While massage cannot treat cancer, a major research study in 2004 showed that cancer sufferers reported that massage helped to reduce their symptoms by 50% - symptoms such as stress & anxiety, nausea, insomnia, pain, fatigue and depression.

I have both training and several years' experience in helping people at all stages along their cancer journey. Initially, to prepare the mind and body prior to starting treatment, massage can help calm the nervous system and thus better prepare the immune system for what lies ahead. Next, during ongoing treatments or post-operatively, gentle, calming and soothing human touch can be a tremendous help to offset the clinical hospital environment and interaction. And finally, afterwards in an ongoing way to support the whole person towards well-being as they explore a new way forward in their post-cancer world. In all of these phases, massage has an important role to play.

I will tailor my time with you to meet your unique needs, with sensitivity and respect, wherever you may be on your journey. In addition to massage, this could involve some simple breathwork or mindfulness techniques, a space for you to talk or simply to receive natural human touch and connection. Whatever you might be feeling or needing, the whole of you will always be welcomed.

Any cancer diagnosis will also impact the family and friends of the person affected, often in very significant ways. It is important that they not be forgotten when it comes to receiving the gentle, caring touch of a healing massage during these stressful times.

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