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When you are massaging me I feel like I am in the hands of Mother Earth - that's how it feels. I could fall down into the softness of your hands. Outi Pesola

I reached where I wanted to go and beyond. I feel completely unloaded and revitalised! I'm in such a state of peace, I want to walk out into the world as I am right now. I feel very liberated. Thank you! MF (Pulsing session)

I'm feeling myself moving between a pre-birth state, floating in my mother's womb, and as the woman I am now. I want to laugh with joy as I am crying! I feel expansive, whole and full of love. I have never felt this way before! OP  (Lomilomi session)

Thank you for the most incredible session. You are truly a medicine woman - one with a deep gift of healing. Heather C

I've never experienced such a professional and life-giving massage. You have an extraordinary sense of touch, treating the tensions in my body with depth, sensitivity, and precision. I was really impressed by your range of skills. Your treatment was highly varied and directed towards multiple areas, with powerful healing effects for me. I emerged feeling exercised, yet extremely relaxed, and both physically and emotionally completely at home in myself. I just think your massage abilities are a gift to the world!

Thank you so much for my Lomi Lomi massage, I've had a few Lomi Lomi massages and I can honestly say yours was the best. I felt such a connection which I haven't felt with any other practitioner, it was just amazing. I felt so alive afterwards. I will be back to see you within a few weeks for another. PC

Thank you again for a glorious massage today, quite simply the best I've ever experienced! Simon H

Thank you so much for my lovely massage last week. I feel like you gave me my body back. (I've been) pain free all week! Bridget B

Thank you so so much for such a successful treatment. I feel a hundred times better. The nausea, headache and depression has gone. Wish I knew about you months ago. Really appreciate your energy and time. Look forward to seeing you next week.

I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful care that you give. You have a wonderful way of putting people at ease. You uplift everyone around you and I am so grateful that you have come into our lives.

I say a huge thank you for the last treatment - I got the job that I had an interview for!!! I feel it was because I felt a million dollars after the treatment and was able to give my all in my interview. A huge thank you for that. Meena H

Hey Jenny, I feel so great. I didn't think that was possible. I seem to say that every time I come back from a massage session, but this time the shoulder has no pain at all. It hasn't been so in a long while. A great thumbs up for the new Myofascial Release technique! I'll be working on my husband to come so he will feel as good as I am. Thanks again.

Jenny's massages are tailored to meet your exact needs and are extremely beneficial. I had RSI type symptoms in my right arm for quite some time. My doctor just gave me some pain relieving gel which alleviated the pain for short periods. In the massage Jenny got to the source of the problem and I have not had the pain since. The hot stone massage is fantastic too; it really gets deep into your muscles. I can thoroughly recommend Jenny for your massage needs!

Just to say a very big thank you for my hot stone massage yesterday. I found it incredibly relaxing - in fact I haven't felt so relaxed in a long time! It was a lovely way to start my summer break.

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your Lomilomi massage. It really made me float away and feel like I was on Cloud 9. Your massage is fantastic. I'm still feeling relaxed days after. Thanks. Hari M

You're really good at listening to the body! Sezar A

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